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Efficient and Effective

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When undertaking home or commercial demolition you must first disconnect any services that are connected to the home or building. This includes water, gas, telephone, Foxtel and electricity that are connected to public mains and lines.   At Home Demolitions we take care of all service disconnection and site set up for you as part of our all inclusive demolition package. This includes everything from organizing the disconnection with the relevant Service Providers/government authorities to the physical disconnection of the services by our skilled team members and frequently used subcontractors.   The process of service disconnection includes: • Electrical system disconnection from mains i.e. Power pole to the connection on the house. • Water disconnection and installation of temporary water systems needed on site for demolition. • Gas lines are terminated back to the meter • Telephone lines and Foxtel are isolated   We follow all necessary guidelines when disconnecting services under all applicable Australian Regulations and laws to ensure a quality job and no unexpected hiccups after completion. With every House Demolition we will also set up site fencing ensuring the safety of the surrounding public areas and to set the demolition site border.   We also provide sediment control to ensure soil from the demolition site is not washed into public drains and roads, which can pollute water supplies and not to mention incur heavy fines.


Professional and Safe

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Asbestos can be found in more places around the home than you might expect. This makes asbestos removal commonplace in the majority of demolition projects. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and under Australian law must be disposed of by professional and following strict guidelines to ensure the safety of all involved in the removal. Some common places asbestos is found around homes include:

  • Corrugated cement roofing
  • Exterior cladding
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Stove insulation
  • Textured paint
  • Vinyl floor coverings
  • Flue pipes
  • Eaves
  • Bathroom linings

Home Demolition have years of experience in asbestos removal and disposal, carrying out hundreds of jobs where asbestos needs to be dealt with in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.   Home Demolition are fully qualified and insured to carry out any asbestos removal project no matter the size or location of the job.   As soon as an asbestos removal job is confirmed Home Demolition will lodge all necessary asbestos permits and notifications with Work Cover to ensure our removal is carried out within all Australian laws and regulations.   We will also notify all surrounding neighbors of the site as to when the asbestos removal will take place and the methods of which we will use to ensure their safety. This is done through both letter box drops and verbally when applicable.   Upon completion of the asbestos removal we dispose of the asbestos safely and in accordance with Australian law. We are environmentally and safety conscious and take every step we can in ensuring asbestos does not enter the environment or affect the public in any way.   On completion of the Asbestos removal we will inspect the area and certify the removal has taken place successfully. We will issue a clearance certificate of the removal being completed and deemed safe, which you can submit to council for your records.


We are the home demolition experts

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Australian Home Demolition specializes in home demolition. The name really says it all. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our work and take care in respecting both the surrounding public and the environment when taking part in any demolition works.   We have all the tools needed to provide quality demolition in any scenario. We have the latest equipment and machinery as well as a highly skilled and experienced team that band together to provide the best outcome and experience for our clients.   The individual aspects of demolishing a home are often overlooked or not thought of by people or businesses with little demolition experience. There are a wide range of tasks and a trail of paperwork involved even before starting the physical demolition process. Home Demolitions handle every aspect of the demolition process from start to finish leaving you hassle free and with a properly completed job.   All our works are done in accordance with all applicable Australian laws and regulations and all necessary paper work, notifications and information is lodged with all relevant bodies before undertaking any demolition works. This includes:

  • Council Certification
  • Work Cover permits for Demolition
  • Asbestos Permits (if necessary)
  • Waste Management plans and tipping Receipts
  • AS2601 Demolition of Structures and OH&S compliance documentation.

Trees! We remove tree as well so if you have a giant tree that is blocking the path of the new build or any means of vegetation we have fully insured and competent tree arborist’s that can safely remove trees and stumps with ease.   We aim to provide an all inclusive demolition package encompassing all tasks needed in demolishing a home safely and in accordance with applicable laws. At the same time we also aim to be as efficient and environmentally conscious as possible when carrying out demolition works.

Site Fencing

We can provide temporary fencing for the demolition with options to hire for the duration of the new construction.

Tree Lopping & Stump Removal

We can provide experience tree Loppers/Arborists to cut down any size tree in and location safely and remove from site. We can excavate or stump grind the stump depending on your preference. If you wish to maintain trees on site and they need a trim this is also an option. Let us know.

Sediment Control

We can provide installation of sediment control barriers prior to demolition to avoid soils and waste running into the gutter and drains which can remain in tact for the construction phase of your new home.

Asbestos Removal

We handle all types of Asbestos and do so in a exceptionally professional manner. When it comes to Asbestos their is no second chances. We have experienced Hazardous materials removalist who are fully licensed and insured for the removal.


Our complete service of demolition and preliminary service are provided for you to either let us handle the whole package from start to finish or choose what you would like to take care of and what you wish us to handle. The choice is yours.

Machine & Truck Hire

If you wish to have some final alterations on your site once demolition is completed or excavate a tank or a water retention pitt we can provide machines and trucks at competitive rates to exercise your requests.


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